Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My beach gloves

I've always wanted to make socks and gloves! Well I went to the beach 2 weeks ago, and decided to give fingerless gloves a try. I made the first one in a couple hours while tanning on the beach! It was great! A dream come true lol! Socks will be next to conquer! I'll post pictures when I get home tonight, as well as the link to the pattern I followed :) I think I'll go ahead and attempt to make my own glove pattern soon! :)

I've been busy these past couple of days.. Studying for nursing school, working on a triangular shawl pattern using the lover's knot crochet stitch (will post it up when I get the final product and the testing goes well!) I've also been working on a Tunisian crochet baby blanket for my friend B's baby boy! (he's due to arrive to this world during the first week of August, hopefully I'll have it finished by then! Pictures to come for that as well as well as the link to the Tunisian crochet video I am using as the stitch.

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