Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hats Hats Hats! Everywhere you look, there are HATS!

I;ve been wanting to knit/crochet for charity for the longest time ever! Given my history with hats, I could never work up the courage to persue hats for charity. Due to recent events, and figuring out the anatomy of a HAT, I found a quick and easy write up for Preemie hats! The pattern can be found here I encourage all to pick up your hooks and scrap yarn and make these quick and super cute preemie hats! Be sure to contact your local hospital and find out the requirements for donating such items to the hospital, some may want you to wash in Dreft and wrap in individual plastic baggies before handing them in. The babies will thank you!
They're so tiny!

They fit on a doll's head too!



  1. Ally, what hospital? What are some of the critera?

  2. Shady Grove Hospital-- criteria is that the hats (preemie) fit an orange and for full term to fit a softball. They need to be washed using Dreft,and wrapped in individual plastic baggies before turning in. =)