Friday, June 4, 2010

JJ's FUNtastic beanie- Complete

So as a mother of a three year old boy, I find myself in a limited amount of items to be made for him using my biggest vice-- yarn. (Like someone mentioned in my local cafe-knit club last night.. "no one has ever gone to rehab for yarn addiction.." and if they did, I hope they brought their needles and yarn with them...) After countless scarves, vests, sweaters, and attempts to a hat (they always come out too big or way too small, or in the shape of a cone and even a ball at one point), I found a pattern (Now I'm not a pattern follower.. kind of a free for all crocheter/knitter) on Bugalugs Handmade that was simple to follow, cute, easy, and most importantly for someone my son's age! I decided to give it a try! Sent the link to my best friend, M, who also has a son and we decided to make it a crochet along. We had planned to crochet one color a day and take pictures along the way and encourage each other.. I went to my local crafts store, picked up my favorite yarn of all time, Caron Simply Soft, and decided to start it last night when I dropped into the knitting club. 2 hours chit chatting with the ladies, a grande soy chai latte--extra hot of course, 3 colors, and 20 rows later... I was DONE! I couldn't believe it! I had made a beanie!! and it FITS! and its so funTastic and he loves it!! I love it!!! I definitely recommend this pattern to EVERYONE!
Here are pictures of the finished product! I appologize for the craptastic iPhone pictures.


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