Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 206 skein project

Hello there!! It's been about 4 months since I've written on this thing!! Well let's recap... My first semester of nursing school went GREAT!! I ended up with 2 As and a B :) no new wedding plans... YET! I've gained about 10 stress pounds with school... And oh! Coffee is the greatest invention since sliced bread! Unless you drink it too late in the day and then you're stuck up all night, like me... Now...
Since I couldn't sleep I decided to clean out my yarn bin, something I've been meaning to do forever since all my yarn were getting tangled with one another... So I went ahead and cleaned it out... Guess what I found...

No guess??

I found 206 (yes!!! Two. Oh. Six!) skeins of yarn!!!!! Can you believe it?! And here I was thinking to myself "man... I need to go buy some grey and black yarn for J's scarf... Yellow yarn for JJs minion.. Oh! And some more skin colored yarn to continue making those cute fairies I've made..." (that's another post of course!)

So I messaged my Bffl, M, and told her that if her hubby ever gave her ANY sort of anything regarding her yarn, to simply pull out the picture of all my yarn, sitting on the floor waiting to be sorted out and reorganized in it's bin (I'm happy to announce that 2 hrs later I was done organizing the yarns by make and amount as well as labeling my bags of yarn inside my big yarn bin!). She gave me the greatest idea yet!! She said "You should do a 206 skein in 365 days project!" not a bad idea!! Only one problem.... I am a full time nursing student... But I'm taking the challenge! So starting January 1, 2011 I will be attempting to finish all 206 skeins of yarn I have before the following year. I'm also going to challenge myself to NoT buy any yarn until all of this stash is completely done (oi vie... Will power-- I have none...)... As well as a 20 pound weight loss challenge between Jan 1, 2011 and Jan 1, 2012. I'm goingto take the challenge!! I can do it! As for the skeins of yarn... I'm thinking baby hats! Lots and lots of baby hats! It's something I can knock out while sitting in class or in traffic, or even while studying... So wish me luck! M, great idea!! <3

Edit: 12/26/10- MIL gave me 9 skeins of chenille & ribbon lace. So the count is now 215 skeins! Joann's is having a 50% off after Christmas sale today, and I have been informed that I HAVE to get more yarn since it's a sale I can't resist! I'll let you know the new count when we get back.