Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scares scarves scarves!!

Hello there! Day 4 of my 365 day project to get rid of 113? skeins of yarn... I finished scarf #3 today, and have gone through 3 skeins of yarn. I also managed to get rid of 1/2 a skein, I sent it to my BFFL M! You rock! Haha. I have officially begun scarf #4 with the Lion Brand PolySpun in purple my MIL gave me on Christmas. I'm hating the stuff. My fingers keep getting stuck to it, like a microfiber towel when it gets all stuck to your fingerprint lines.. It's quite annoying. I'm about an inch into the scarf, using 6mm size 10 needles I CO 16 and an knitting every row... So slow! I'm also working on a domo for my fiancé's car, and I've barely made a dent into my brown SS yarn...
School starts again in 2 weeks, I'm saddened to see the time get closer and closer to put my yarn box away until the following break (which will be in May.....). School is a priority, and although I have this project going on, it is a challenge to do both, which is why I took on the challenge! I have begun to stash away some yarn (the already begun little scraps balls) into my trunk along with some crochet hooks to make baby hats while I wait for class to begin on Wednesdays. (lecture is at 10am, and I leave the house at 0600 to beat traffic--making me about 3 hours early to lecture....)So yeah, how long will I be able to live this double life... Nursing student by day secret crocheted by early morning??.... Haha...
Until next time. Pictures to come on the scarves I've made & the one I'm working on!

Edit: finished another skein. 4 down 112 to go...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 3,2010

2 skeins down! Working on third one! Lol I have made 2 scarves so far... Working on a third. Thank GOD for bulky wt yarn!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! 2011!!

Yay! It's the new year! How did everyone celebrate it?? We went to our friend's house and brought on the new year in a mini celebration. I had my trusty yarn holder next to me! Nothig says happy new year like a skein of yarn and a project being done. I'm happy to announce that the 216 skein (which I recounted and turned out to be 113 full skeins and 50 already begun scrap yarn balls...) is really 163 skein project, has officially begun! I'm down one skein of yarn thanks to my fiancé's scarf! :) it would have been two, but my paranoid self thought I would run out of the contrast color, and I'm almost out of the main color and have tons of te contrast color left.... Haha... Anywho, the 163 skein project is well under way!!! :) will be posting more!