Saturday, June 5, 2010

JJ's FUNtastic beanie part two

I attempted to make a beach scene beanie for JJ, and when I went to try it on him, it was too small... I didn't change my gauge... perhaps I missed an increase somewhere, or i was just crocheting too tight? Anyways, so I made a second version of the Broom Broom Beanie from Bugalugs Handmade for the two year old boy I sometimes babysit. Finished it last night and will give it to him on Monday. We shall see!

UPDATE: They loved it! Hope to get a picture of the cutie pie soon!


  1. Omg! At least u didn't make urs 5 sizes too big like I did lol <3

  2. lol yeah I had originally posted: "be sure to check your gauge.. not like M did... it fits her instead of her son" but I thought it was too mean haha