Monday, August 2, 2010

Time to catch up!

I've been MIA. I aplogize. I've been super busy with preparations for school and sneaking in my final projects bfore school starts on August 30. I have 28 days to complete the following:
[ ] 2nd glove for my boyfriend (50%) [knit]
[ ] baby alpaca hat to match scarf made earlier this year (70%) [knit]
[ ] JJ's green mittens and I-cord connector [knit]
[ ] Hat, Mittens, Scarf matching set for an order [knit]
[ ] Scarf and Hat in beige (20%) [crocheted]

WHEW! nice long list, not to mention all my weaving in and sewing together projects that need to be completed for entry for the fair...

I've been busy making:


not to mention i've been baking again! I have missed it!!
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  1. Yay! As always your knitting and crochet are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks again for getting me addicted <3