Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big things happen on road trips....

For the avid yarn junkie, road trips mean one of two things... You get car sick and have to drive the whole time, or you have someone drivewhile you finish all your projects including the dreaded weaving in of ends. While on a road trip to New York this past weekend, I got to finish projects I've been putting on hold for about a month now..

Jay's Fingerless gloves

So after making the first glove about a month ago, and keep putting the second glove on hold for almost a month, finally got it done while in traffic on our way to New York on Friday. There's Jay modeling the finished product :) yarn used: one 50g skein of Knit Picks in Chimney.
(which are also Twilight other obsession...)

The Jay,RN doll

Also finished the doll made for the MIL of her son as a nurse! =) She loved it!!! Pattern can be found here: Little Nurse Amigurumi Doll
The pattern is for a girl nurse, I improvised the pants (which I don't think I did too good now that I look at it more) and had to add a sthetoscope since Male Nurses don't use caps like the pattern includes.  MIL loved it she kept showing it off to everyone who came into the house. Made me happy since now she can have her baby "boy" with her at all times =)
Made these cute little applique flowers using my left over yarn. My fave if the "Twilight Flower" using my left over KnitPicks yarn. I have more that I've made yesterday which i'll include a picture of later.

But there's one thing that this yarn junkie did not expect... and it started with this book:

He handed me the book and said it was a "special edition"... but BOOYYY I didn't know it would be this special!!! He told me there was a bookmark to a pagnted me to look at.. Being a HUGE twiligh fan, and having read the book series over 9 times in the past 5 years... I figured it was the part where Edward tells Bella she is his life now... So I opened the book and this is what I saw...

AHH!!! it could not have been done a better way!!! Sorry Stephenie Meyer for a completely destroyed book, but it was done for a GREAT cause... So now begins a new chapter in my life.... The engaged chapter... We have decided to wait two years to get married, this gives us enough time to plan and I will have completed Nursing School by then, and hopefully passed my board exam. Here's the blog where I'll be tracking the wedding plans and the ultimate  loss challenge! 30 pounds in two years! It can and will be done!! =)

 Until next time! Happy knitting! Hugs and Stitches!! :)

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  1. YAY!!!! love the flowers and Jay's gloves!! and most of all so excited about the engagement!!! yay!! Congrats to you both! lots of love <3